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Fashion Design and Merchandising
FASH 290

Fashion Branding Book Notes Chapter 3  Brand Communication: plays one or more of the following roles in the life of any brand- 1. Inform: deliver information about brand (announcing launch of new product). 2. Remind: make people remember brand. 3. Convince: attempt to convince people that brand & its products are better than the competition.  Communication focuses on emotional & functional values.  Marketing Mix: Four Ps – Product, price, promotion, & place.  VIP Concept: Value, identity & product mix.  The goal of communication is to convey the positioning proposal, polish it, & persuade the consumer to purchase the brand’s products. The promotion mix options available are wide and may include:  Advertising: most common channel of promotion. Delivers a focused message about brand & its products, & promotes brand identity. - Newspapers - Magazines: play important role in fashion industry. great channel for showcasing new designs & trends using creative & high quality advertising. Suitable for different kinds/levels of brands. - TV (national & cable): most glamorous channel advertising & the dream of every marketing manager. Most attractive & effective channel.  Publicity: non-paid, non commissioned promotional activities, such as magazine editorials or word of mouth. It’s effective because it is perceived as unbiased & not self serving.  Public Relations: activities held by company to enhance brand’s image & gain favorable publicity. PR activities are specially important to minimize effects of earlier negative publicity or clarify mishandled information. PR activities include press release kits & special events like charities, speeches, & product launches.  Promotional activities: coupons, sales, free samples, etc, are effective tools especially in mass-market segment. Choosing right promotional activity & right timing is essential.  Celebrities & fashion promotion: fashion brands turn to celebrities to promote products. Celebrities can have various promotional roles that include: endorsement, testimonials, spokesperson, & product placement (integrating products in movie scenes).  Co-Branding: practice of using multiple brand names together on a single product or service. This form of alliance can have potential economic & commercial rewards for participating parties. - Promotional co-branding: most common type of co-branding practiced by companies.  Launching a new brand is more than just launching & introducing a product. Brand must be launched with its values/everything it stands for because you are launching the concept & establishing the platform or umbrella that will eventually cover & embrace all the products produced under the name. Fashion Branding Book Notes Chapter 3  Brand audit: stage where organization assesses brand’s performance & measures customer’s reactions. Based on evaluation decisions can be made regarding whether brand is on the right track or not.  Licensing: an agreement through which the legal owner of a brand or trademark (the licensor) gives another party (the licensee) the legal rights to use the brad’s name & identity, in return for compensation often known as a royalty fee.  Brand extension: refers to increasing range of product lines under brand’s umbrella. This means introducing new product lines or categories that did not exist before, such as introducing a menswear line to a previously known women’s wear brand, or introducing a pants line when before the brand only offered shirt products. Corporate brands can also extend their brand through th
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