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Virginia Commonwealth University
Fashion Design and Merchandising
FASH 290

Chapter 4 Fashion Branding  The term Luxury is a relative term. What may be luxurious to one person may not be luxurious to another & what used to be luxury in the past may not be in the future.  Luxury brands have been described as “brands that no one really needs, but everyone desires.”  Benefits that motivate us to buy luxury: feel special/stand out in a crowd; feel superior/privileged. Demonstrate refinement & connoisseurship. Feel value & importance. Exercise ability & importance. Reward ourselves for efforts & achievements; symbol of status & success. Etc.  A luxury brand can be defined as a brand that consistently delivers a unique emotional value & possesses the capacity of creating a lifestyle experience through a strong identity, a high level of creativity, & closely controlled quality, quantity, & distribution, all of which justifies asking for a premium price .  3 major characteristics of luxury brands:  Heritage & craftsmanship (based on creativity/exclusivity): luxury brands are older brands, & most of the older ones have a historic legacy that is roote
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