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Gender, Sexuality and Women�â�€�™s Studies
GSWS 201

Gynecology - Started with white men using slaves for testing similar to using men to test STD (Henrietta Lacks) Epistemology - belief; study of knowledge; how do we know what we know Losing authority that is perceived as power when admitting Black Lives Matter Why do people say All Lives Matter? Why do people get riled up from BLM? Power dynamics Be open-minded Skimming: headings, subheadings, thesis bell hooks (2nd and 3rd wave) • Lowercase because she wants you to worry about her work and not her name • Challenges what we know and how we act • Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression • Intersectionality • Focus is class • Feminist are made not born • Feminist is a political position Leading with Feminity • How one communicates o Being nice Feminist are accused of • Hating men • Wanting to be more powerful than men • Hypermasculated women • Emasculated men • Rejecting motherhood 3 Waves of Feminism • Suffrage Movement (1960-1980) o Right to vote o Workers' Rights o Civil Rights • bell hooks o Looking at class • Political o Conservative policies o Technology o Internet o bell hooks Intersectionality • More than just a black person • Race, identity, age, sexual orientation together as one Why do we inherit our father's last name? • Roman law • Family (wives, children, etc.) was seen as property of man of the house Feminism • Not sameness • I don't want to be the same as my oppressor • Need to fine tune the term "equality" • Deep seeded homophobia • The "F" word • Ambo centrism - Male logic that male is centered and everyone else is marginalized • Transform traditional knowledge • Challenging power, privilege, and marginalizing a large part of the population • Challenges binary thinking (male or female) • No monolithic experience (not a single experience for men or women) o Different experiences based on orientation, race, etc. Political Correctness • Bathroom "situation" o Using gender specified bathrooms • To think of other's rights • Women and POC the right to vote • Desegregation • Gay marriage • Worker's rights • Birth control & abortion • Black Lives Matter • Immigration • Martin Luther King Jr. o Anti-racism' o Poor people's movement • What are we challenging? • What was the world like before PC? Masculinity • Power • Strength • Aggressiveness • No emotions • Tough • Blue (Western culture) Misogyny • Male centered thinking with hatred towards women • Projecting patriarchal loss Systems of Privilege and Inequality • Women are as different as we/they are alike • Often think to compare women to a mythical norm: o White (racial category that is just as constructed as any racial category) o Middle-class o Heterosexual o Abled o Thin o Young adult • Regimes of truth • Differences among us are measured against us Five Faces of Oppression (Iris Young): 1. Exploitation a. A steady process of the transfer of the results of the labor of one social group to benefit another b. Energies of the subordinate group are continuously expended to maintain and augment power, status, and wealth of the dominant group Example: outsourcing jobs, giving poor paying jobs to immigrants 2. Marginalization a. Expulsion of entire groups of people from useful participation in social life that potentially subjects them to severe material deprivation and possible extermination Example: inequality in women's pay 3. Powerlessness a. Powerless lack authority b. Little to no work autonomy, exercise little creativity or judgment in their work Example: Women in society 4. Cultural Imperialism a. Universalization of a dominant group's experience and culture Example: Feminists movement excluded other cultures 5. Violence a. Members of subordinate groups live with the threat of violence based on their status as group members Example: Hate crimes Women of Color Feminism • Specific concerns were often overlooked by some of the middle-class white women in the movement o All women are created equal IF they fit into a mold • Women of color spoke out about their experiences of racism, sexism, and heterosexism o Different experiences Thinking Outside the Check-Box • Multiracial Americans had the option to select "more than one race" for the very first time on the U.S. Census in 2000 Queer Disruptions Challenging Your Assumptions • Identify the "norm" o I'm just a person • Assuming everyone is treated the way you are • What's the problem? • They don't affect me, so why do they affect you? Women in Science and Engineering Regimes of Truth • Education o Dress Code • Girls wearing shorts distract boys • Medical o Doctors give you a gender o Male nurses seem weird • Art o Women paints a flower - it's her vagina and loving her gender and sexuality o Black man paints a flower - it's his struggle o White man paints a flower - it's just a flower • Religion • State What gets taught as normal is normal for the majority Privilege is cultural currency • If you don't rock the boat, don't challenge, you get access • Easy life Privilege is • Classism o Class is a family secret Oppression is social disadvantage S&L Chapter 3 (116-143) Gender Assignment • Given to us at birth • Determined by physical body type • Corresponding performances are usually enforced based on individual's GA o Behavior o Dress o Activities Gender Identity • How one feels internally Gender Expression • How we perform and express gender Nothing is essential , intrinsic, or static about femininity or masculinity Social categories that might mean different things in different societies and in different historical periods • Gender is embedded in culture and the various forms of knowledge associated with any given community Femininities and masculinities are performed by bodies in a series of repetitive acts that we usually take for granted and tend to see as "natural • Talking • Walking • Sitting Gender is not only what we do; it is a process by which we "are" or "become" Sex is a biological fact; gender is the societal interpretation Thursday, September 1, 2016 8:04 AM Transgender • Claim a gender identity or expression different from the one assigned at birth; non- binary Transsexual • Transgendered people who believe they are born with bodies of the wrong sex and who desire chemical or surgical altering in the form of hormone therapies or sex reassignment surgeries Androgyny • Lack of gender differentiation or a balanced mixture of recognizable feminine and masculine traits] Genderqueer • Combines alternative gender identities and sexualities • Transgendered without concern for sexual identity • Social movement resisting traditional categories of gender Masculinity • Potent sexuality • Affinity for violence: machismo element o Breaking rules o Sexual potency contextualized in the blending of sex and violence o Contempt for women (misogyny) • To be a man is to not be a woman • Provider o Ambition o Confidence o Competence o Strength • Four dictates (Deborah David and Robert Brannon) o "No sissy stuff" - rejection of femininity o "Big wheel" - amb
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