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PHIL 201
James Scow

Euthanasia-another situation in which we are discussing the possibilities of people killing each other, and then suicide is another instance where we are allowing us to kill ourselves. Physicians situation. And then people being able to opt out of being kept alive. That wouldn’t involve killing, it would be “letting die”. Which is standard practice now in hospitals. Merci killing-killing to relieve suffering. There are two rachels! Active and passive euthanasia. Passive is letting people die. The other is killing. Active euthanasia-killing. For the purpose of putting an end to the suffering. It is only been since the 70s in which passive euthanasia was allowed. p. 863  Imagine a case where its been decided the best thing for the patient is to let it die. Passively. Shouldn’t you go in and make it happen more quickly? Kill it to put it out of its suffering. There is a line to cross here,  Killing is bad because it leads to death. But is death is considered a good thing why should killing be considered bad.  The second argument is blaming the doctrine. The parents say no lets not do it. Their reason is because the baby has down syndrome. Without the surgery the baby will die. The intestinal blockage is not the reason they want the baby to die. It is because the baby has down syndrome. The decision is being made on irrelevant grounds.  Smith jones argument  if they die, inheritance would go to the uncle. Smith says I’m going to make it look like an accident. Drown my nephew in the bathtub so I get the inheritance. Jones tries to do the
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