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Chapter 5

HTM 2454 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Trade Association, Inside Passage, American Automobile Association

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTM 2454
Mc Gehee

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HTM2454- Chapter 5: Passenger Transportation
As world tourism increases, demands are placed on transportation sectors
Air travel dominates long distance and middle distance tourism
Private cars dominate short trips and are the most popular for domestic journeys
o Very important in regional and international tourism
Rail travel is more limited than it was in the past
Motorcoach reaches communities that are not served by any other public mode but a
very small percentage
There has been an increase in traffic due to world tourism growth
Areas needing attention from policy makers:
o Congestion- affects roads and airports during peak periods. Danger of gridlock in
big cities. Congestion means delays that are a waste of time and energy
o Safety and Security- ensuring this is a basic requirement for tourism
o Environment- an increase in traffic can harm the environment if an area does not
have the carrying capacity for additional tourists. Transportation planning needs
to take economic, social, cultural and natural resources costs into consideration
when expanded facilities are designed
o Seasonality- seasonal patterns of travel demand create OVERCROWDING. At
peak periods problems of congestion, security and environment all become more
Airline industry
o Dec 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, NC- Orville and Wilbur Wright launched the aviation
o Airline- 28.6 million scheduled departures a year (2.4 billion passangers a year)
Low-cost carrier- no-frills, discount airline offers low fairs by eliminating traditional
passanger services
Southwest is one of the biggest- 1971
30% of air travel is LLCs
Most eliminate luxuries to keep the prices down
o The worlds economy NEEDS a healthy air transportation system
o Airlines have revolutionized long haul travel
o It is possible to fly around the globe in less time than it takes to drive across the
o Negatives
Fear of flying
Lack of geographic accessability
o Air carriers are considered major if they record over 1 billion revenue annually
o National carriers record 100 million to 1 billion
o Top 9 biggest carriers: Pg 100
o United and Continental merger was the largest carrier in the U.S
o One of the best sources of data on the US airline industry is the annual report
published by the Air Transport Association of America
Makes forecasts and publishes financial and traffic statistics
o Air Transport World- publishes an annual World Airline Report
o US Federal Aviation Administration
o Consumer protection is the responsibility of the Department of Transportation
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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