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Chapter 4

HTM 3484 Chapter 4: HTM-3484 - Reading 4

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTM 3484
A Zatori

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Reading IV
HTM-3484 QUIZ: October 5, 2017
HTM-3484 Quiz IV Study Guide
Article 4a 5 states strike deals to reopen national parks
What are some of the main reasons why individual states have chosen to foot the bill to reopen their national
Governors have decided that the loss in tourist money outweighs the state’s operation costs to run the
national parks by themselves.
What are some of the consequences of the national parks closing due to the partial government shut down?
Significant loss in tourist revenue.
Local businesses have taken drastic revenue losses.
What was the economic tradeoff that the state governors had to consider?
The grave expense of opening the parkslost funding that could be used elsewhere. For example,
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer suggested a partial opening of the Grand Canyon.
It is very expensive for states to somewhat bail out portions of the federal government.
Article 4b Attorney general: Tourism bed-tax money OK to use for coral nurseries
What policy changes, related to the use of tourism development taxes, occurred in the Florida Keys?
The Tourism Development Council will have money going towards “zoological parks.”
Which political bodies (i.e. individuals or boards at the state or local level) and processes (petitions, votes,
announcement of legal opinions) were involved in making the policy changes in the Keys?
Applications from non-profits called for a grant from Monroe County from tourism development
taxes on hotels and other short-term accommodations along with a six-page opinion from Florida’s
attorney general, Pam Bondi.
How does the Coral Restoration Foundation intend to use the tourism development taxes?
It was previously understood that these funds would only go towards “bricks and mortar” projects.
Establishing closed off offshore areas where coral can grow and be replanted on damaged areas of the
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