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Chapter 1-20

PSCI 2014 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-20: Political Philosophy

Political Science
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PSCI 2014
Mauro J.Caraccioli

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Thiele: Theory and Vision Notes
Exercise 1
I Self-Reflection
a. Changes how we understand ourselves and the world around us, hence how we
act in the world
b. Helps a person develop their own standards
c. People distinguish themselves from their environment
d. Balancing the values of freedom and equality demands a response based on self-
e. A person’s attitudes serve as a point for theorizing
f. You must know yourself to know others
g. Knowing yourself establishes your own opinions that may contrast with others,
potentially sparking debate
h. Self-reflection can lead to the adoption of another person’s views
i. A persons own standards are grounded in themselves, therefore they make
decisions based off of what they believe
j. Societal norms are considered a part of a person’s standards
k. Essentially people act on the basis of their own beliefs
II Political theory
a. Interprets human thought in ways that are illuminating and promote
b. The central task
b.i. Understand how humans understand themselves
c. Magnified views of specific features that would go unnoticed
d. Theory provides an intricate conceptual scheme
e. Reasoning, speculation, and experimentation are all parts of generating a theory
f. Political theory incorporates feelings, biases and self-reflection
g. Imposing ideas and understanding them
h. Constitutes a history of the present
III Theory
a. Can be refuted with theoretical evidence
b. Theories are never really proven, but instead reconfirmed
c. Explanations and predictions need confirmation
d. If you move away from the basics it becomes more difficult to theorize
e. The past provides an understanding of the present
f. The importance of thinking versus acting
f.i. Ex. A person may know what is accepted in society, but may not act in an
accepted societal manner and may not know what is moral or what the
definition of morality is in a society
g. Theory is flexible
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