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Chapter 1 and 23

ENG 3050 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1 and 23: Signature Block

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ENG 3050
Lori Errico- Seaman
1 and 23

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Week 1
Chapter 1: What is technical Communication?
Workplace writing must address and satisfy different readers
Workplace writing and academic writing employ different genres
o Memos
o Business letters
o Emails
o Proposals
o Instructions
o Progress reports
o Essays
o Response papers
o Research papers
o Lab reports
Workplace writing uses graphics and visual design
Workplace writing is collaborative
Effective workplace writing must demonstrate useful and persuasive
o Usefulness-the communication can help readers to perform tasks effectively and
o Persuasiveness-the ouiatio ifluees the readers’ attitudes ad atios
in a way the writer wants
Readers should be the constant focus
o Readers construct meaning
o Reader’s resposes are shaped y situatios
o Readers react moment to moment
Six Reader-Centered Strategies
o Strategy #1: Identify the specific task your reader will use to perform
o Strategy #2: Identify attitudes relevant to the communication
o Strategy #3: Help readers quickly find the information they need to perform
o Strategy #4: Use an easy-to-read writing style
o Strategy #5: Highlight point your readers will find persuasive
o Strategy#6: Talk with your readers
Chapter 23: Writing Reader-Centered Letters, Memos, Emails, and Digital
Style must match reader expectations and preferences, and preferences vary
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