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Chapter 18

HIST 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Francisco I. Madero, Peon, HaciendaPremium

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HIST - History
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HIST 101
Evelyn Gonzalez

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History Textbook Notes 7
Chapter 18 – Mexican Revolution 1910 - 1920
Causes of Revolution
1) the unequal distribution of land (peons & peonage)
2) disgruntled workers
-Opposition to President Porfirio Diaz (General Porfirio Diaz) in office from 1876 to 1911
-Struggle between geographical and sectional movements
-Emiliano Zapata in the South wanted land reform for plantations
-Pancho Villa in the North wanted hacienda land reform
-Revolt begins when Francisco Madero drove Diaz from power in 1911-1913
-continues between wealthy reformers and conservative pro-Diaz officers, with peasant armies
destroying Diaz' troops and large estates
-Ended with a military coup when moderate General Alvaro Obregon stabilized the presidency
during 1920 to 1924.
-Ended power of Catholic Church on land & education.
-Approximately 10 percent of the population died many escaped north into US.
Constitution of 1917
-Revolution Party Peasant communities respected Trade unions received rights Nationalized
Mexico's mines & oil industries Celebration of Aztec Past
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