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Chapter 5

PHIL 110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Theodicy, Virtue Ethics, MiscarriagePremium

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PHIL - Philosophy
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PHIL 110
Elliot Pruzan

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Ethics Textbook Notes
St. Augustine pg 107-118
Why did God create a universe in which evil exists?
What is natural law and what does it say about objective ethics?
Can reason be an adequate foundation for faith?
Are there rational reasons for which goodness exists?
-Augustine talked about Christian’s view of supreme good and evil
-Eternal life is the supreme good and eternal death
-To achieve one and escape the other, we must live rightly
-he says it’s obvious that happiness can’t be attained in this life
-Miscarriage of justice- example being torturing witnesses to get a confession
-how can it be that a man’s death should not be bitter if his life was sweet to us
-pride is perverted imitation of God
-A man who loves God is wrong in loving himself
-St Augustine wrote this for 3 reasons
1) To refute the romans who blamed Christians for Rome’s trouble
2) To show that eternal peace can be found on Earth
3) To show that Hell is real
-he concentrates on Theodicy and how it is changing virtue ethics
-it doesn’t replace it, just upgrades it
-to achieve your spot in Heaven, you need to achieve salvation
-Augustine makes it clear you do not have to achieve all virtues to get into heaven
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