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Chapter 1-3

TH 2190 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Electromotive ForcePremium

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TH 2190
Matthew Benjamin

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Stage Lighting Primer Electrical Basics
o Flow of electrons through a medium
When it flows easily the medium is a Conductor
Whe it’s hard to flow it’s a Isulator
o The degree of flow is its Resistance
Measured in Ohms
o The pressure that causes electrons to flow is called Electromotive Force or
Measured in Volts
o The speed the electrons go is Current
Measured in Amperes or Amps
o The aout of electrical work that gets doe is called Power
Measured in Watts
OMH’s Law
o E=IR
o The description of the relationship between voltage, current, and
resistance where:
E = Voltage or electromotive force
I = Curret fro Frech word itesite
R = Resistance
The Power Equation
o P=IE
o Describes the relationship between wattage, cureent, and voltage where:
E = Voltage or electromotive force
I = Current
P = Wattage or Power
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