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Chapter 1

ENGR 102 Chapter 1: Zybook Chapter 1 for MatLab

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West Virginia University
ENGR 102

MATLAB Online Textbook Chapter 1 Notes The Basics MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) it is really good at graphing mathematical computations; especially matrices. Interpreted Language vs. Compiled Languages: interpreted can be executed across many different computing systems but compared to compiled languages it is a little bit slower Command Window provides the basic method Mathematical Constants in which a programmer types statements to be Pi 3.14. executed by the MATLAB interpreter Workspace displays the current data being i Imaginary used by the interpreter j Same as i Variable allocated memory (saved values) Inf Infinity NaN Not a number *whitespace doesnt matter meaning it doesnt matter Realmin Smallest floating if there is space between the computations or if it is one Realmax Largest floating big long strand* Basic Functions ; Doesnt show the output Format Long demand makes it show 15 digits after the decimal point clc Clears the command window Format Short demand makes it show 4 digits Clear all Clears all variables Who Prints all variables after the decimal point (this is the default) Whos Prints details of variables , Will print results *it is really helpful to use descriptive variable names, that way that helps to keep everything Comments not code organized* iskeyword Shows keywords some words cannot be used as variables you can pull up the words that are unable to Trig Hyperbolic Functions Sin, Cos, Tan, Csc, Sec, Cot Basic trig functions be used by typing in a code ___d ___ in degree Exponential Functions a___ ___ inverse Exp Exponential a___d ___ inverse in degree Log Natural log Log10 Common log base 10 ___h ___ hyperbolic Sqrt Square root a___h ___ inverse hyperbolic Nthroot (x,n) Real nth root of Array collection of variables Sign Integer represents both positive and negative integer values Unsigned Integer represents only nonnegative integers Range of a number class is an indicator of the actual numbers that can be represented, usually written from smallest to largest *commas are not allowed when writing a number*
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