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Chapter 2

ENGR 102 Chapter 2: Zybook Chapter 2 for MatLab

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West Virginia University
ENGR 102

MATLAB Online Textbook Chapter 2 Notes Matrices Matrix is a rectangular array of items in rows and columns Array is a more common name for this is an ordered sequence of items of a given data type each item is an array element (usually must be two dimensions or more) Symbols for Arrays [ ] Construct a row array Scalar an item that could only store a single item (most common variables) ( ) Index a row array element 1 dimension (vector single list of items arranged { } Not used in numeric arrays either as one row column) Arrays Numeric elements are all numbers of the same type Homogeneous all same type Inhomogeneous elements maybe different types (structurecell array) Row (1 dimension of row x n columns) commonly used form of an array (ex) [x 1x 2x 3..] * size = Row x Column * * can access an individual element using an integer within ( ), the number is known as an index * x = ______() x is a variable that is equal to __ array name (element number) Arithmetic Array Operation with a Scalar is one type of array operation that applies in an arithmetic operation involving a scalar to each element in the array Double Colon Operator constructs a numeric row array by specifying a starting value, in increments value and terminating value separated by colons myArray = [start : increment : terminating] default increment of one = [start : terminating] * negative increment (decrement) value used in the double colon operator constructs an array with elements in descending order * * it will never go over the terminating value so it will go to the value closest to the terminating value if it does not work out perfectly to land on that value * Empty Matrix = 1x0 (would give an error) Linspace creates a row array of linear spaced points, given a start value, stop value, and a number of desired points X = linspace(start, stop, points)
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