PSY 351 Chapter 1: Intro to Abnormal Psychology- Ch 1

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PSY - Psychology
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PSY 351
Stephanie Grimm

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Psych 351 Abnormal Psych Chapter 2- Intro to Abnormal Psychology A. Diathesis stress model- Only when risk factor and trigger or stress come together does a full blown disorder emerge B. Cerebral cortex damaged In Phineas gage’s accident - Cerebral cortex responsible for most advanced thinking processes; - Thalamus directs incoming info from sense receptors - Hypothalamus regulates eating drinking and sexual behavior in addition to basic emotional processing. - Limbic system involved in instinctive behaviors - Amygdala critical in emotions like fear - Hippocampus plays role in memory C. Seratonin plays role in emotional well being, particular depression and anxiety and dysfunctional behavior like aggressive impulses D. Dopamine -neurotransmitter in reward and reinforcement - Plays role in muscle disorders as well like parkinsons E. Norepinephrine – cocaine and amphetamines prolong by slowing reuptake process--- causing stimulating effects of drug. - When there is too little in the brain persons mood is depressed. - GABA inhibits actions of other neurotransmitters and plays important role in anxiety symptoms. F. Epigenetics -
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