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Chapter 42

BIOL 143 Chapter 42: Lab 11- Reproductive Anatomy

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BIOL 143
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Lab 11: Reproductive System Anatomy Meiosis reduces the number of chromosomes by half -Gametes contain 23 chromosomes (haploid) -All other body cells contain 46 chromosomes (diploid) Spermatogenesis: human sperm production; begins at puberty and continues without interruption throughout life Oogenesis: female gamete formation; occurs in the ovaries Male Anatomy Organ Location Function Scrotum Abdominopelvic cavity -Temperature (94°F or 34°C) = slightly lower than body temperature (requirement for producing viable sperm) Testes Lie in the scrotum -Covered with dense connective tissue -Produce sperm and male sex hormones -Primary reproductive organ Seminiferous tubules Highly-coiled lobes in the -Where sperm is produced testes Epididymis Runs from the testes to vas -Provides a site for immature deferens sperm entering it from the testis to complete their maturation process Ductus (vas) deferens -Superior to the epididymis -Transports sperm from the -Passes through the inguinal epididymis to the ejaculatory canal into the pelvic cavity duct -Courses over superior aspect of the urinary bladder Seminal vesicle (x2) -Posterior to the urinary -Alkaline secretion that bladder contains fructose and citric -Each duct merges with a vas acid to nourish the sperm deferens to form the -Contains prostaglandins for ejaculatory duct sperm motility -Has largest contribution to semen volume (60%) Prostate gland -Encircles prostatic urethra -Acidic fluid that contains inferior to the bladder enzymes -Activates sperm Bulbourethral gland (x2) -Drain into intermediate part -Alkaline mucus that of the urethra lubricates tip of penis -Neutralizes traces of acidic
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