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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

 Walking Stick eggs end up underground too o Eggs guarded by ants  Northern Water and Garter Snakes internally hold eggs until they hatch o OVOVIVIPARITY o Do not guard their young  Five-lined skink guard their egs  Female Wolf Spiders carry eggs in an EGG SAC held by the SPINNERETTES  Female NURSERY WEB SPIDERS carry the EGG SAC in their chelicerae (jaws) o Before hatch, they build a nursery web and guard the sac  Giant Water Bugs offer male-only parental care  All of these animals provide very little PARENTAL INVESTMENT internally  95% of mammals, females provide ALL of the PARENTAL CARE  Moose have 8-month gestation with a placental connection  Moose have PRECOCIAL young  PARENTAL CARE – feeding and protecting  Wolves, Coyotes and Red Foxes exhibit BIPARENTAL CARE  Wolves are SOCIAL animals  Black Bear cubs are born highly ALTRICIAL  Opossum more altricial o Born after 12-day gestation  Aplacental  Bears mate in June and give birth January o Gestation is 2 months  DELAYED IMPLANTATION allows bears to mate and to give birth when the time is right!  Many Carnivores display delayed implantation  Bats mate in summer and give birth the next spring o Gestation about 40 days o Bats do not exhibit delayed implantation!  They store sperm  Social insects (
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