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Lecture 12

LAWS 3306 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Maoism, Multiple Sclerosis, Ferras

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LAWS 3306
Christopher Mc Naught

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Lecture 12
- CNN, after the fall of the Twin Towers, reported ‘America under siege’
Repeatedly showed the towers going down
Citizen next gold rush, medical marijuana
- Ways to approach
Legalization people give connotation of approval to this
California decriminalized marijuana (reduced sentence for it)
All of these remove the stigma of marijuana
- Use of medical marijuana has been used for a long time
- Some states in the U.S. have approved the use of marijuana
- We live in an entrepreneurial part of the world, so people line up in order to get a licence
to be a licence grower or distributor
- Under Canada’s laws, there has been a regulated usage and growing of marijuana, legally,
for medical purposes
Alleviate symptoms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, or severe forms of arthritis
Recently the Health Minister said these provisions should come up under review
- In a legal sense, marijuana is not a major issue. Can’t remember last time someone
murdered someone or robbed a bank as a result of having smoked marijuana
Recently, there have been studies that recast the tone of the debate.
Raise a few considerations, such as usage of pot in high schools in Ontario is
really high, more so than alcohol
- In the U.S., criminal law is not federal, such as the use of marijuana (different in each
Federally, the U.S. is opposed to marijuana, but each state can decide what laws they
want to impose on marijuana
Immigration- Bill C-43
- Exile is no longer done, but we are creating a potential if we allow Bill C-43 to go
‘faster deportation of foreign criminals act’
- Reduces a threshold... If you were a non-Canadian citizen but lived here for a while, such
as a long term immigrant, and were sentenced for a criminal conviction for 2 years or
more, then you could automatically be deported
- They now want to reduce the prison sentence required to deport these people to 6
So, someone who had been here 30 years and suddenly comes to possess 6 marijuana
plants, and faces 6 months in jail is the same as someone who has committed a B&E
or has committed rape.
We are deporting people to a country where they most likely have never been to, or
have been in Canada so long that they don’t even remember their country.
Won’t speak the language, no home, no employment.
- This bill is worrisome... “Canada should not be deported long-term residents without
independent consideration of not only the offense but also to the individual’s connection
to Canada and the real impact of deportation”
- On the Middle East:
In reality, we were inactive, because if we wanted to clamp down on war crimes, “the
proper way to approach the Taliban is to treat them for what they are: the front-line
shock troops of a grimly determined extremist and fanatical substitute of the Pakistani
military. Why would you even talk to the proxy? Talk to the masters. Talk to the
- On China:
We are all hypocrites now. Mr. Harper is zipping around the globe trying to get China
to deal with us. China is in the news all the time, and usually the human rights records
of it pop up. But this apparently won’t dissuade us. Tough on crime and a leader of
human rights Harper is still seeking trade with them.
“Though far removed from the psychosis of Maoism, the Chinese regime remains
among the world’s more brutal dictatorships with a record of torture, imprisonment
without trial, and persecution of minorities and shames the senses even without the
steamrolling of Tibet. We are arguably signaling our acquiescence and if not approval
of this behavior by continuing to seek trade with them”
Lectures of human rights will most likely have no impact on Chinese authorities. If
we boycott their products, it won’t matter. We choose to trade with China because
“that’s where the money is”
- Apartheid in South Africa we cut off trade with them... But we don’t boycott anything
from China
People who were non-white were discriminated against
Gaza-Israeli events
- Mr. Baird, Foreign Affairs Minister said “we stand beside Israel”
Don’t we stand with anyone who is dying innocently?
- By saying this, we divest ourselves of our credibility on the world stage as, what we used
to be, peace-brokers
Can’t be a negotiator if we are so partisan and consistently if we are pro one-side
- Mr. Baird: We support Israel’s right to defend themselves
Well, all people deserve the right to defend themselves
Gaza lobbed missiles into Israel, but Israel assassinated a famous Hamas figure with a
missile before that
- “For Canada, we’ve become far outriders of any involvement in future developments in
the Middle East”
- We haven’t sent negotiators nor ammunition or anything of the sort. We’ve only said “we
are there for you”
- Extradition having someone from your country sent back to them for court reasons and
under this, the hearing is held like a preliminary hearing
- Professor who taught at university Hassan Diab
- Should worry all Canadians. It’s an extradition case
- Was the person who was most involved with an atrocious bombing of a synagogue in
Paris in 1980
He has an alibi he wasn’t in Paris at the time
- In 2006, U.S.A. vs. Ferras