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Lecture 5

SOCI-225 Lecture 5: Other Concerns of Crime

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Other Concerns of Crime.
-What it tells us about police activities and conduct.
-How "official violations" stats are often a product of police policy decisions and overall
conduct of officers.
-Crime states are influenced by police discretion
-The ways police apply crime recordings and scoring procedures reflect the policing style and
policies about a particular police department.
The Use of Rate
-Compares between jurisdictions
-Not influenced by population size or changes to said population.
Victimization Surveys
A phone based survey in which victims is asked whether they have been victims of certain
offences (assaults, theft, property theft/damage).
This technique is cheaper than most but at the cost of validity and participation.
Certain offences such as murder or drug dealing are not asked.
One must be 15 or older to participate in said survey.
The survey asks the questions-
1. Was the offence reported.
2. What is your general reflection of the justice system?
3. How affected where you by the offence?
4. How was the CJS response?
It should be noted that lower income households and individuals usually avoid or ignore
surveys of this variety for a plethora of reasons.
Not all crimes are captured (such as murder)
Survey data may lack reliability
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