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Mount Allison University
CLAS 2531
Illaria Battiloro

Ritual Practices: Symposium and Ritual Meals  symposium= "drinking together"  had social and/or political meaning  could take place in sanctuaries or in domestic homes  women were excluded, except for the hetairai  mythical origin of wine: a vine sprang from the body of Ampelos, a favourite of Dionysus, who drank the fruit of the vine and gradually forgot his sorrows  andron- a room only used for men o off center access for 7 couches (kline) o 5m x 5m o particularly important within the house, richly decorated o in wealthy households, metal decorations were attached to the couches, allowing archaeologists to identify them o mostly visual sources (vase paintings, etc) indicate presence of the kline  crater- one of the most important vases used in the symposium, where wine was mixed with water and other spices  symposion vases: cup, amphora, pelike, hydria, oinochoe, crater- all had wide openings Ritual Dining in Greek Sanctuaries  after the thysia (animal sacrifice) the meat was divided into two parts- one for the god and one for the worshippers  usually, only the fat was burnt and therefore "offered" to the gods  meat was then cooked and eaten by priestly staff and worshippers  other types of food were also consumed at the banquet  at the end of the banquet, the symposion took place Ritual Meals in Sanctuaries  the aim of ritual meals (communal meals) was: o to reaffirm a sense of community through equal distribution of food o to consolidate the relationship with the gods by sharing the meat of the victims Case Study: The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Corinth (c. 400 BCE)  ritual banquets were a common element of ritual practice within the Greek world  located at the Acropolis, the highest point in Corinth  Demeter is the goddess of ha
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