ANTH 331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Masculinity, Femininity, Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority

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26 Mar 2015

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Movie #1: Gender codes
Things to watch for:
1. Codes/ Gender Displays of Femininity: Females hands are shown as weak. Tracing things. They
don’t carry things. Soft touching-women are always shown touching themselves so there bodies
look delicate. Women are always seen “ out of breath” or holding themselves as to protect
themselves. Women never really look like there NOT fully aware, making like they have no clue
whats going on. They always seem confused. Women never have to prove anything, in fact most
women are taught to remain Child like= weak, needing protection. WOMEN AND LITTLE
GIRLS are pretty much the same looking in ads. Also grown women sometimes to “BABY” like
things in pics= finger in mouth.
2. “Ritualization of Subordination” : Women are shown lying down: 1)this shows them in a defense
less position, dependent on binines ( women are defense less). 2) This position sorta of sexual,
making them ready and weak. If both men and women are in the picture, the men look tough,
while the women look weak.
3. “Canting Postures”: Women look out of breath. Always lying down, to show weakness and
submissiveness. BASHFUL KNEE BEND= these positions place the women off balance and off
center. They look vulnerable. They also sexualize it. They also HOLD THEIR FEET OR HEEL
OF there shoe, AGAIN OFF BALANCE. Lastly, THE HEAD CANT, the head is tilted, instead of
being held high. Sometimes the HEAD IS COMPLETELY UP WHICH LEAVE THE NECK
FULLY AVAIVLE= submissive. All these positions throw the woman OFF BALANCE=making
them defenceless, submissive.
4. The female athlete and the ‘code’ : They take pictures that make these Female Athletes look weak.
They don’t show them like MEN ATHLETES. For example, the race car driver is shown as lying
down, on all fours, and canting positions. TO show her as a regular weak girl.
5. Codes/ Gender Displays of Masculinity : Men hold things tough. Control things. They mould there
environment. Men don’t touch themselves, the make themselves look tough. Men look tough in
pictures, like stalking animals. Men look like they can handle anything. Boys have to work to get
into manhood, they have to prove themselves. MEN HAVE POWER, ARE ALWAYS
PREPARED, ACT LIKE ADUTLS, NO EMTIONS. Stand upright with hands in pockets=
comforts and control of the world. ARMS FOLDED= confidence, mence, threat. They LOOK
RIGHT AT YOU. They also look “chill”. They are shown as ACTIVE.
6. How have the Gender Displays of Masculinity changed (somewhat)? : They adapt female
“poses” , BU THIS IS USUALLY FOR GAY FASHION. But they include WOMEN so it doesn’t
look gay, that way straight boys wana buy there clothing. Another way is to show the MALE
MODLES SUPER RIPPED! They look tough, so straight boys wana buy it.
7. Where do these codes come from? What are John Berger’s ideas? : “ SAME CORPUS OF
DISPLAYS”= they already exist, these ads just pick the ones they want. If you look at the old
nude paints from Europe , you see that these roles have been here for a long time.
8. How is the “Guess” ad campaign deconstructed?: PAUL MARCINONO. They used to be recorded
in “BLACK AND WHITE” to make them “WEST” because nothing changes. This means that in
the west women knew there place. THEY WANT TO GO BACK TO THE OLD DAYS WHERE
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