MGIS 317 Lecture 5: CodeAcademy Notes

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Management Information Systems
MGIS 317
Sharaz Khan

UCalgary – BTMA317 – Coding  Inserting an image:  Inserting a caption for an image:  Bulleted list: THEN, ON EACH NEW LINE word  Paragraph: THEN, PARAGRAPH, THEN  Numbered list: THEN, ON EACH NEW LINE word  Heading: heading . DIFFERENT SIZES RANGING FROM 1 (LARGEST) TO 6 (SMALLEST)  Line break: THIS IS A SELF-CLOSING ELEMENT  Begin comment:  Linking HTML + CSS together: + 3 COMPONENTS (href =”URL” type =”text/CSS” rel =” stylesheet”). Ex: function, to nest the IDs together . Styling specific classes: example: .header { INSERT STYLING OPTIONS }  Stylizing select portions: example, in style.css: p. breaking { insert styling here } to style only paragraphs in the “breaking” class  Stylizing multiple classes: example, in style.css: .breaking, .header { INSERT STYLING OPTIONS }  Element boxes: use height, width, min-height, max-height, min-width, max-width, and overflow (scroll or hidden).  Border styles: solid, dashed, dotted, double, groove, inset, outset, ridge, hidden/none  Border-width: thin, medium, or thick, OR use pixels! Can also have different border width for each side by specifying in order for top, right, bottom, left (CLOCKWISE). Can also have separate declarations (ex: border-top- width, border-right-width)  Border-color: under style.css, declare border-color: rgb or rgba or names, etc.  Can take care of border all together: border: width, style, color; (best practice)  Border-radius: modifies the curvature of the border  Padding: space between border and content of the box. Padding is added to the specified width/length of the box! Can specify all together w/ same padding, or different paddings in 1 declaration (top-right-bottom-left) OR (t/b-l/r) OR (padding-right, padding-top, etc.)  Margin: spacing directly outside of the box. De
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