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Maya Lords of the Jungle (questions and answers)

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ANTH 1150
Marta Rohatynskyj

Study Questions for ‘Maya Lords of the Jungle’ 1. Why was the nineteenth century understanding of ancient Mayan society as made up of priests who worshiped time and a peasantry who practiced slash and burn agriculture unsatisfactory? • They couldn’t think of a real reason to have the priesthood. • Very limited knowledge, there wasn’t a development of a modern archeology at the time. 2. In what five Central American countries are Maya ruins found? • Mexico • Guatemala • Honduras • Belize • El Salvador 3. The Classic Period of Maya culture, at Tikal for example, was said to have lasted from AD300 to AD900. What was the traditional explanation given for the abandonment of Tikal? • They thought that the land was exhausted, you need 20 acres to feed a family. 4. At the northern Yucatan site of Komchen trade goods made of obsidian and jade were discovered. This led archaeologists to realize that Komchen had been part of what? • It was part of a complex Trade. 5. This realization and the discovery of what in Belize through aerial ph
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