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BIOL 1500
Scott Brandon

o Rorschach inkblots tend to use inner resources when coping with their needs, whereas those whose Roschach responses involve colour are more likely to seek interaction with the environment. o The system may have more validity in some cases than in others. It appears to have utility in identifying people with schizophrenia or at risk of developing it. o The utility of the Rorschach can most likely be attributed to the fact that a person’s responses on the test are highly related to the communication disturbances that are an important symptom of schizophrenia. o The Roberts Apperception Test for Children; much like the thematic Apperception test TAT, in this test, pictures of children and families are presented to the child, who tells a story about each ne.  Whereas many scoring approaches to the TAT are impressionistic and non-standardized, the Roberts test provides objective criteria for scoring, along with normative data to determine whether the child’s pattern of responses is abnormal.  Unique to this test are the scales that provide information about a child’s coping skills. (1) Intelligence Tests: o Intelligence test: often reffered to as an IQ test, is a standardizes means of assessing a person’s current mental ability. o All based on the assumption that a detailed sample of an individual’s current intellectual functioning can predict how well he/she will erform in school. o Intelligence tests are also used:  In conjunction with achievement tests, to diagnose learning disabilities and to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses for academic planning;  To help determine whether a person is mentally retarded;  To identify intellectually gifted children  As part of neuropsychological evaluations (eg; person with dementia to test deterioration over time). o Scores on most IQ tests are standardizes so that 100 is the mean and 15/16 is the standard deviation. Those with a score below 70 are 2 SD below pop mean = sub-average intellectual functioning. Those with 130 = intellectually gifted. o IQ tests are highly reliable, have good criterion validity. o Predict later educational attainment and occupational success. o Hough the correlations between IQ scores and school performance are statistically significant, much more is unexplained by IQ test scores than is explained (family situation, contributing factors...) o Interest has also focuses on emotional intelligence, reflected in such abilities as delaying gratification and being sensitive to the needs of others. o High levels of emotional intelligence are associated negatively with alexithymia, a condition of reduced awareness that is a risk factor for a variety of adjustment problems. High levels of emotional intelligence are associated with greater levels of subjective well-being and reduced proneness to depression. BEHAVIOURAL AND COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT: traditional assessment concentrates on measuring underlying personality structures and traits, such as obsessiveness... behavioural and cognitively oriented clinicians often use a system that involves the assessment of four sets of variables, sometimes referred to by the acronym SORC.  S stands for stimuli, the environmental situations that precede the problem.  O stands for organismic, referring to both psychological and psychological factors assumed to be operating under the skin.  R refers to overt responses. These probably receive the most attention from behavioural clinicians, who must determine what behaviour is problematic
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