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University of Guelph
CHEM 1040
Joe Prokipcak

A "-OMlC JlA12> MOL~CULAI! Srll.u.c:Tu~E AMS-2 A. ~L.£CTllOIJIC ~-rA.tA.C7Wl~ 0,: A roMS' T&:t sedi'oJ1S: 7.1-7,l{(O«\ ~ou.rowt'L), 7.~) 8.1 -8.7 F:-obfewt.s: '1.25, 7.~3, 7.37, 7.115,7."'1 ,7.'11,7/'7, 7.{05, 7.107 8"", i.21 )i,2~) ~,~'1¥,1.{3i','1q'i.", i~ ', i.'S" I.J"t\T ('dud ('eM. • LY\.of'der -to U~o(ersTaf\O( ~e of the periodC:C Tl::tb(e,The clistribc.ttt'CN\ of t-ne e Iecf~s tV\. tne e{erY\et\-~ "M~ be. k "ow(\. ·t,kt.'o(i~f(C;h~tI'Ci\I\o-P e- I'S'Leod~ +0 1t\~ pt"opedt'es o-r tiae c.~is at\OC eu (M tU(1(~ 1-0 hoCAJ tke'j C~(,Y\e t-o {'O(~ co.\pouV\d ~ ·the pen...'oa(..,;"alole .fea.t-ut"es • wher-e 'the e: 's l~ at\ e(e~01.t Clt"e (oc;o.+ec.( • how )W1Y\.J e- fS a."'e (r\. ~ese she-Us ·w~t c;ListG\Y\ce. -f}Of'A"H\e. Y\ eu~ Q("e iVtey These'e~ e~p 'a,e;v1-wh!j c e("tQin. el eW\et'\..-f9aLV\) Los~ or 'SkQr-e A"'S-~ \Ie /(y 1MPoP:r",~rr G et ~oLC~e{.p -PaW\u(o.r" c.url-kThe 3e~~{ W\O.kef of T&\e. periodf.,c ~ble. G\.nolbe G\ble +0 r~c.CJ9r'\o'tenY\.s ~I.A.C~"5 5 rotA(' al ~a.l,,et\r-H-meir:tlS' t:r-~i:kCA\. ~eta(s per,:oot ha (0t1er\S' wteta.1s QI ka,li ~e1tllS" c:.~C(Nob~)$ Y\oV\ ~tQ(S' Also be. ctb\e tb reco~ t\.~5e c.U~ e.leW\e;\;ts-\ Y\\,)olve e,lec:ftt-M~V\ 1i\e S C)rbi~(7 p or-b~tQ.l~ 0( 0r'b,,1-a.l'5' f 0~b~~ls A (So re o.U~ e -the p"J~ ica./ :sto.-fe, 0 of' ~ e. ~ Ie'Me~ tS" iT\.fke. p e("too(,-c. +a.b(Q ~Q.seg ~ S'o(cht~ Al\4.-u. 3.EIl2.C+re1Yl d(·$tt"bu.+,~ rc.((e~ •fhe p recJ("0(S( chart c:.~(.·ca.tes· ·how "W\Qt\J orbc:,tQ..(s aye aua-c.'table c:" eGl~ 'ma.J0r"" leoe./ • shopes of' +tt~ orbc;11:Als •how W\a.~~ Sc..lbske lis at"c ~(e ~ 3 :Jl~ b!:J _ • ~uW\Oe.r' oP.e.- ~ lv\CJO(\Jeo(i~ .eack orbitc:tls) but i,t oIoc~ not" i~t.Ca.te "'f11eordQ(' ~\\.wh,c~ ~e or/oitQ.(S'Qt"e f(.'((eol --this order i~ deter*';V\e~ "1 cJe~iK':V\j eV\er3"'es(P.£ Q~ KE:) o.tLQ(. by c(1(l~c:,rJ.e(':5pect(~scop~C datQ) ~~Q,'h'OA. ~ne.:9C:es) V\'\Q.~)\"opter'f('e~ ~ule5: · eo ~ Jl,ha s i:ts ()u.)y:set" o.{'Q.I\) • tke W\axl.'Y\1.JL~ 'Y\u",,-bet'" of e-). C:rt.0Jt'j ~jo,... leueL (.'s • elec..1r"ot'\.3 Qlwo.J'seek 6h! lowert -t;oiul e.f\~~ level Que.stlOV\.: WhOl.t is +he. order of' fiUiWJ -Por ~ -\. -t -t\-ti LIS' LIp 3d. • I~uW\Ols- tA.(e v.Jk~.h sa.~J>~Q.t whei\ fc:I(i~ 1I}t t~ -L ot leuel W. ajlf" (e&Je(, ')'lot c1 0( ~ "f we h,C1\Je 'e.- +0 pu:f C:~io Q. f the. order ~r .filf':~J c:.-e(ec1{'~S' f'epr~ser\.+eot L~ t"-e i!o('W\.o-r ~ c:{c:arQW\.. AM-S-2S" •fke fwo
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