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University of Guelph
HIST 2250
Mary Ann Cyphers- Reich

After reading The Impact of Warfare on the Natural World: A Historical Survey it is very hard not to agree with Tucker’s opinion that greater impacts are being made on the natural world as a result from warfare. Considering the majority of warfare headlines you have heard in your lifetime, the bigger the situation the larger impact it has on the environment. During battles, soldiers set out to make the lives of the enemy worse, steering them toward victory. “Attackers typically raided their enemy’s fields and food supplies, both to seize resources and to cripple their foes...” (Tucker, R. P. 408). Even now, it is extremely common to destroy the resources of the enemy. I also believe that as we develop our technologies used in warfare, it is making a huge impact on the natural world. Coming up with environmentally friendly weapons is not the main priority when there’s warfare happening. Weapons
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