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HIST 3410
Femi Kolapo

November 13 2013 HIST 3410 HIST 3410 November 13 2013 Pre Colonial Africa Historiography of the Mfecane Power from Cattle - In various ways, it accorded more wealth and power to the owner than land and crops did o Through marriage o Through loaning o Re- distribution o Recruitment of cattle- less followers Natural Threats th th - This order was upset- as occurred in the late 18 and early 19 century by several factors like: o Cattle disease o Drought and famine o Locus invasion - Some soil support grazing but not planting - Some soil allow grazing only at certain time of year - Places with more moisture often host tsetse fly- which is dangerous to cattle - Fragile relationship between the people of Africa, their cattle, and their environment Causes - African innovative state building - Environmental explanation o Population explosion o Introduction of corn o Constraints to population movement o Increasing land “scarcity” o Drought and famine  Producing struggles over available resources - Trade - European encroachment - Individual genius of leaders Ndebele Aspect - Mzilikazi, a general under Shaka was the founder of the Ndebele state - He broke away from Shaka - Migrated towards Natal and finally northward to present day Zimbabwe - They replicated the Zulu military political scenario as they migrated north - They created the Matabele state The Basotho - Moshoeshoe was the founder of the Basotho nation - He created a secure zone for people fleeing from the Zulu wars - He relocated to Butha Buthe and then Taba Bosiou mountain fortress due to pressure from the Boers, British and the Zulu - His was a defensive sate formation process 1 November 13 2013 HIST 3410 Historiographical of the Mfecane - Mfecane is of central importance to understanding the pre colonial history, the particular development path of capitalism and imperialism and the complex contemporary - Interrelationships among the peoples of the subcontinent. This very centrality has made the historiography of the Mfecane highly politicized- Marc Epprecht Narratives of the Mfecane & Political Context - Historiography of the Mfecane highly politicized. In the last decade especially, differing, ethnically- charged interpretations of the Mfecane have been
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