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PSYC 3690
Benjamin Gottlieb

10/8/2013 10:00:00 AM Mental Health Lecture 8 October 8 th2013 Young woman at the greatest risk for depression Risk factors for depression  There is a genetic component to depression  People who are genetically linked to someone who has be diagnosed with clinical depression is at greater risk themselves o Doesn’t mean you are bound to it just increases the chances  No single factor predicts a mood disorder  Brain abnormalities incubate in the brain for many years before they are expressed.  Certain drugs people take that could influence the risk of depression o Certain birth control pills o Ant convulsion o Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism o Diabetes Medical issues also increase risk o Cancer o Depression o ALS (detrition to vegetable state) Psychosocial risk factors o Experiences that have the meaning of loss o No matter how much effort you put fourth there is no reward (thought process)  Physical loss but also psychological meaning loss such as  Loss Self esteem  Loss of sense of control  Loss of affection from an attachment figure  Loss of a job  Loss of status  Neglect/abuse  Early childhood experiences that make people particular sensitive to aspects to the environment, these life experiences are called “predisposing factors” o These sensitivities don’t get expressed until precipitating events  Abuse  Incest   Sexual assault  Loss of faith in others  Loss of control Demographic characteristics  Being female 18-25 years old o Age/gender  Living in poverty  Being single o Also at greater risk for aggression especially for men  Social isolation  When people feel no matter what they do they have no impact is a risk factor Secondary Prevention: Telephone distress centers What is the value or advantage of hotlines?  Anonymous  A way of minimizing stigma  Easy access (24/7) o High accessibility  No screening before they will talk o Welcome all comers  Hoping to reach the most underserved population o Socially and psychologically distant from using mental health professionals  Low cost o (No cost to user, and low cost for the service) Goals of Hotlines:  Monitor or reduce individuals stress  Provide referrals  Prevent suicide Goal of providing other information to other services  INR –information and referral hotlines  Fake calls (pseudo calls) o To help new people see if they can tell the difference and to see how effectively the worker had responded
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