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SOC 3490
Scott Brandon

WEEK 9 Lec 6 Mon March 11. Wrongful Convictions (p.2) 1 Criminal Code - Sec 696.1 allows for review of WC cases - Exact incidence unknown (6-20%) 2 Role of Official Explanation - OVL as a problem - Agents of social control: shift blame to others o Witnesses unreliable or couldn’t remember - Juries: belief in eyewitnesses o Juries tend to believe b/c why would they lie to the court 3 How is Human Error Possible? - Use of deception - Role of witness “truth-telling” - Targets are mostly the marginalized o Lower classes - Ex. Leo McGuigan (crown in Morin second trial): innocuous process 4 Some problems w components of the justice system and human error - Police o Don't tell them all their rights, may lose evidence on purpose, pick up wrong ppl b/c need suspect - Crown attorneys o Make name for themselves - Judges o Class diffs, racism, biases (construct jury right??) - Forensic experts 5 Problem w WCs: Targets are the lower classes - Poor, minorities, aboriginals - Mentally ill - “criminal classes” - “weird” ppl (Morin) 6 Case Studies - Donald Marshall Jr. o 1970s wrongful convictions weren’t talked about - David Milgaard o 1969, hippie - Guy Paul Morin - William Mullins- Johnson 1 WEEK 9 Lec 6 Mon March 11. o For killing neice, 1984 convicted, 11 yrs, Aboriginal - Steven Truscott 7 Targeting Suspects - Guy Paul Morin - Steven Truscott
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