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SOC 3710
Bill O' Grady

Feb 26 *Term Paper What the difference between a research question and a thesis statement?  Research Question: Asks a question o Ex. What are the long term effects of Youthful Offending?  Thesis Statement: You are setting an argument o Rest of paper supplies evidence to support argument o Ex. This paper will show that the long term effects of youthful offending are... How many drafts of a paper do you normally write before you submit your paper (final draft)  You should have many drafts  Normally messy to logical  Look at a paper as a process Knowing where to find sources  Know what journals to look in o Canada  The Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice  The Canadian Review of Sociology  The Canadian Journal of Sociology o USA  Criminology (Journal)  American= delinquency  Canada= young offenders  The Research Journal of Crime and Delinquency  Criminology and Public Policy  Social Problems  Social Forces  The American Sociological Review  The American Journal of Sociology o UK  British Journal of Criminology  Policing and Society o New Zealand and Australia  Australian/ New Zealand Journal of Criminology  Books o Avoid textbooks- go to original sources  The Ministry of Justice o They have done research on young offenders in Canada o 1984 to Today  Juristat- by Statistics Canada o Trends in Crime o Diff between males and females, ages, ethnic groups, etc  Try and stay in Canadian context but you can include stuff world wide o Ex. Why kids join gangs- it is the same reason worldwide  Corrections o Why do some offenders reoffended that are out of jail while others stop offending?  What explains re offending amoung youth o To what degree does police presence have on the effect of youth crime?  Formatting o Quote more than three lines indent 10 spaces o Have a bridge in-between topics o End of paper- suggestions for future research  I wish this kind of material was there  I wish it included this aspect, etc o How has the media addressed your topic?  Has your topic attracted attention in the media and in which way  Include: o 1) Clear research question or research statement o 2) Well argued paper with good evidence o 3) Well organized – logical flow o 4) Well researched and thorough o 5) Well written Long Term Effects of Youthful Offending  Key research areas/ questions o 1) What is the impact of youthful offending on offending later in life?  What level of crime as a kid have on crime as an adult o 2) What is the education and economic effects of people as a teen have an impact when you are older?  Does it have a negative impact on your education level? Your career later in life? o 3) What are the effects of incarceration?  What effects does it have on future offending, job, education, family o 4) What if you are a victim of a crime as a teenager?  What effect does this have later in life on
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