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1 of 3 October 21/2013 SOC*3740*01 Corrections & Penology Job Stress among male vs. Female CO's o Particularly the case for women CO's that other workers are the cause o Females experience more stress o Male job related stress comes from inmates and changes within the institution o You want to take everything with a grain of salt- it's not 100% conclusive due to the code (CO's are somewhat reluctant to report on these things) Female CO's o Early questions revolved around:  Can women fulfill dangerous and stressful job duties?  Fairly recent that we have allowed women to work in male institutions (1978)  Before it was exclusively women in women institutions and men in men institutions  People were being denied jobs in institutions due to their gender  There was a lot of reluctance in male institutions about women working there- concerns about privacy, capability o Challenges women face in all male institutions  Sexist remarks from inmates and other officers  Not taken seriously  Stereotypes that they're weak and incapable  Males didn't trust the women o Most recent questions revolve around:  Does the presence of female CO's in male prisons provide institutional benefits?  Do female CO's  Some research suggests that female CO's can provide institutional benefits, such as lower assault on staff  What might explain these findings? Different coping mechanisms other than threats, different relationships between inmates and women than men, more of a nurturing role rather than disciplinary  There's a normalizing effect because the greater community has females in it, without them, the prison culture becomes hyper masculine, this helps to humanize the work place and makes it more similar to the free world  Women rely more heavily on verbal skills, less aggressive  Female officers typically have greater personal satisfaction from their job and what they achieve, which leads to more productive colleagues Attitudes towards Rehabilitation 2 of 3 o How does gender shape prison staff's endorsement of the 5 correctional ideologies (rehabilitation, retribution, incapacitation, specific deterrence, general deterrence) o Females are significantly more likely to support a rehabilitative approach than men o Age when first employed and the area you work in also effects ideas o Those who started working at a younger age were more retributive in their orientations o If you work in programming areas, you're more likely to support those programs and rehabilitation o Support does vary depending on characteristics of the staff To ponder... Are we sending prisoners to prison as punishment or for punishment? Shawshank o Experie
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