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HIST 260
Selena Crosson

[HISTORY 260] January 25, 2011 Interwar Feminisms  Formal power limited  Some blacklash post WW1  Everyone wants to get back to normal after the war  Separate spheres  Modernization/Consumerism/Industrial change  Individual successes – no structural change  Women’s associations still strong *conservative, labour/left, right-wing]; reform continuum.  Voluntary organizations proliferated  Black women formed service clubs in Ontario, Nova Scotia  Women generally led Canadian Home and School Associations, church groups and charitable organizations  Canadian federation of university women (CFUW) (1919)  Canadian federation of Business & Professional Women’s Clubs )1930)  International feminism, peace movement WILPF, League of Nations, missions Agrarian feminists  A new, business-oriented farming image emerged  The new image included farmers wives  CCF rejected middle-class image  Radical farmers sympathized with urban workers  Farm women advocated equal property ownership, legalized birth control, peace The CCF ∑ Cooperative commonwealth federation (CCF) united various left-winged groups ∑ 1921 led by J.S. Woodsworth, MP ∑ Egalitarian ideology and agrarian feminism attracted women; most in traditional feminime part ways ∑ 1939; 3 provinces had CCF oppositions, WLM King ∑ Anges McPhail in a varierty of 3 parties; became the first president of Ontario CCF in 1933 (quit in 1934) 1 [HISTO
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