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CURS 4240U Lecture Notes - Kindergarten, Number Sense, Data Management

Course Code
CURS 4240U
Ann Le Sage

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Lecture 1 - August 28, 2012
kids' books can be used to teach math
Divide money amongst yourself
o Method:
Divide the large bills first
Make change for smaller bills and then divide
There should always be a reflection to gauge the many different methods that
children use
o Kindergarten --> math --> sharing blocks
o Method 2:
Use a tally chart
$10 -> 6
Multiply, then add
Helps kids organize the data --> used for data management
Data management and number sense are connected
Find ways to cater to multiple intelligences
o Make students THINK about what they are doing
Then they teach their fellow students
o Teacher as a facilitator --> making connections between strategies --> order from simple to
complex strategies
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