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Lecture 6

ANT210H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Kennewick Man, Beringia, Indian Pop

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Gary Crawford

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Lecture 6
Fujimura was feeling good about what he’s doing, he was violating rule 2, but it took 20
years for ppl to find out
Learning from ur mistakes- since dawson died in 1915 nothing showed up, learn from ur
mistakes didn’t apply to Dawson, b/c he died after they realized it was a hoax. It took 4
years to realize this was a hoax
Micheal Shermer- a psychologist, his book called the believing brain, there is something
about being human, we have evidence in front of us and we don’t believe it
Norse were in Canada around 1000AD,
John Cabot, Fisherman, and Cartier made contact with the new world
Cabot’s voyage in 1498- making trips to north atlantic, he was the first European after
Norse to contact the first nations. But he disappeared after his 1499 departure
Waldsmuller’s 1507 map- first detailed map of the world, that includes the Americans, he
knew that there was another ocean-Pacific ocean, he labelled this area America
Red Bay AD 1530?-1600
o Red bay and St. Anthony- two Basque settlements
o There were whalers hunting and migrating whales
o Blubber oil taking to Spain
o Inuit were attracted to the settlements and they used European technology
o Iron artifacts
1600 found Iron harpoon in Ontario in site called Auger
Curse of the Axe- buried iron axe in the centre of the mantle, it was rare and odd to these
ppl, they thought of it as a crucial item, date was 1500-1520, (which exceeds the Red
o Social- exchange btwn Inuit and Basque and expanded
o Demographic- 90% of Indian pop died
o Ecological- the native ppl of the NW had massaged the continent, through
farming etc.
Tracing the arch record of the earliest first ppl in the NW- this is offensive to native ppl,
they do not think of themselves as immigrants, they were here from time
mtDNA- the main diff are in the proportions of these groups, the haplogroups are
generally similar. Native Americans and Canadian pop share their genetics
in some indigenous pop European gene also shows up
lake Baikal- bone from adolescent bone- these pop were not strictly an Asian group, they
were also related to European ppl, hint of European haplotypes, this is changing the
thinking of the origin of native Americans
as soon as ice was retreating ppl were moving in as well
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