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Lecture 4

ANT210H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Event Horizon, Big Bang, Satsumon Culture

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Gary Crawford

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Lecture 4
Best Describes hypotheses
Try to falsify, tentative explanation, go through a verification process
Not knowable – instant after big bang, black hole – event horizon, past the event horizon
Rules are same everywhere, what was in the past is no different today
The Workings of Science
Hypothesis differ from theory
Hypotheses is a tentative explanation, theory is verified by science as much as it can get
Hypotheses is a test not proof, try to poke holes in hypothesis and a hypothesis doesn’t
mean it’s right
Needs to be worked on
Not needing to be constrained – creative
Ainu origins
Considered non-Japanese, gatherers of the north
Treated with racism at the time
European by superficial characteristics – say they are distinct people
They are a people trying to return to the past – but what is the past
Satsumon Culture – houses they lived in identical to southern Japan, Japanese style
house, they were using similar architecture so not isolated, made pottery on a pottery
wheel – different forms of pottery from the south – culturally different
Economy - garbage dumps, plants came from Lebanese, china, the old world, showing
DNA showing no difference between native and people of Japan, mainstream has mixture
with other countries like Korean and Chinese
Magic – trick but people still think it is magic
Retraction watch – 500 people had paper retracted due to falsification of work
2 million years – primitive
Neanderthal – better tools
China has Million years’ worth of artifacts and Japan has periods missing, barely have
anything from 35000BP suddenly artifacts start showing up in one area of Japan
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