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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
Neil Narine

Selling with Social Problems Celebrity Activists and Companies that are active with their philanthropy *Look at ads that reference social problems or causes • Pink Ribbon Campaign • Dickinson: post 9/11 • (RED) / ALDO/PINK Ribbon • Mazur: the danger of exploiting social problems adnd human rights in movement ads Question: how do you feel about ads that reference social problems? Youtube Video: The New Cause Marketing, CSR, Community Investment & Employee Giving The Marketing Perspective • Youtube Video: The New Cause Marketing, CSR, Community Investment & Employee Giving – look up and make notes on the video • “Pink Ribbon Foundation” - “the first chapter in the history of the Pink Ribbon as a symbol for breast cancer can be found at the KOMEN Foundation’s Race for The Cute, on the 16 of 1990 • The Komen foundation handed out pink visors to many people who walked for them • A year later the foundation distributed pink ribbons to participants in the New York City Race for the Cure • As of this year 2012, the pink ribbon became the symbol for breast cancer awareness Movie: Pink Ribbon Inc Why “Run of the Cure” • Cibc and others enlist support through COMMUNITY EVENTS • People’s INNATE ATTACHMENT TO COMMUNITY and the participation is enlisted to support the cause and the company • This can have BENEFITS for causes • But on the other hand this can BE MANIPULATIVE Web Link : Vanity Fair “Is Backlash the New Pink” Anderssen: Backlash – Globe and Mail writer • Even as new research is linking breast cancer to high-fat diets and over consumption of booze, KFC for examples promised that it donates 50 cents for every
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