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03 Advertising Format Fundamentals Online Advertising…  Advantages o Many similarities with traditional media (e.g., banner ads) o Potential for interactivity and multimedia engagement o Data, data, data  Challenges o Multiple platforms, channels, browser, plug-ins, connection speed issues o Ad blockers o Fatigue o Data overload or mismatching Types of Display Ads  Interstitial o Ads that pop up before you see what you want to see. YouTube has videos that start in 5 seconds, and they start to show you something else beforehand. They need to do this because they want you to pay attention to something before you do what you are doing o By having 5 seconds shown, they are still getting the content that you are looking at  Popup/under  Floating/Mouseover  Wallpaper  Banners  Contextual (e.g., data driven based on search) Ad Networks/Exchanges  Rarely do sites negotiate advertisement on case-by-case basis  Use of networks to feed ads more common – why?  Central ad servers and tracking major reasons Ad Networks Services  Frequency capping – limiting overexposure  Sequencing – users may see ads in particular order  Exclusivity – banning competitors from your site  Roadblocking – allowing 100% coverage on site  Geo-targeting – tied to location based on IP or GPS  Contextual/behavior info – e.g., based on search, profiles, etc. Example: Project Wonderful  Common on many self-publishing sites (used a lot in comics)  https://www.projectwonderful.com/advertisewithus.php  Cost per fraction of day vs. click or impression (more on that later)  Auction-based, can be free if you’re Online Ad Design Standards  E.g., banner ad standard sizes (see p. 205) –depends in part on site, but basic sizes exist for a reason  If designing a site to accept advertisements, good to reserve spaces in standard sizes to be compatible with ad networks (which will force your decision anyway) and to minimize need for content creation  Creating ads – read carefully limitations imposed Example: Google Adwords  https://support.google.com/adwords/?hl=en  Various formats – text, mobile-friendly, static image, animated GIF/Flash, video, etc.  Limits imposed on all formats (e.g., small text ad = 25 character title, 70 character
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