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Communication, Culture and Technology
Michael Jones

05 Personal Branding Pitfalls of Business Execution  Complacency o No room for pride and ego o No dreaming about success or rewards o Focus on the issues; knowledge will win o Success comes from hard work and not high hopes  Lack of Money… o Don’t be a shopaholic; don’t squander investors’ money o Spend cheap where it doesn’t matter  Product Insufficiency o SWOT your product o Change it up; don’t married to it…pivot o Get criticism (negative = construction) o Avoid scope creep; but experiment o Make sure it works, and delivered on time  Strong Competitors o Know the small players; meet big competitors o Study the 5Ws of their marketing strategy o Read history; read about great leader o John associations, forums, blogs, newsletters o Define your niche  Suppliers & resources o Strict evaluation of your resources; people, suppliers, tools o Have a back-up resource o Make them your ‘partners’  Personal Negligence o Evaluate your leadership o Rely on your staff; delegate and train o Get good mentors and advisors, family, friends o Manage your day; time is against you o You get 10
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