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"Swimming Lessons" - Mistry

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Daniela Janes

November 19th/12 "Swimming Lessons" - Mistry – constitutes a radical reworking of everything that comes before – very carefully textured world of smells and visual expressions – bustling humanity going about their little lives – acts as a coda for the entire short story cycle – sites of resolution – idea of compassion – storytelling – writer character inside the text – we watch the parents reading the book he wrote – they realize he has been storing things away – post-modern, playful textual moment – the book the parents are reading are the books we are reading – confuses our idea of fact and fiction – all the mysterious moments are illuminated – reiterates the types of themes – recurrent themes – anti-hero – storytelling – ritual emphasis as a part of a cultural practice – water – other elements – water as symbol of rebirth to his new life – people living in common spaces – common spaces vs. private spaces – words and texts – skimpy letters written home to his parents, then he suddenly mails them an entire book – voyeurism/spectatorship – watching women sunbathing – binary of reality vs. fantasy – swimming lesson fantasy – Baag as United Nations – all people together in one place – Scottish sunbathers – caretaker – immigrants – they have come from somewhere else – souls converging – sense of vitality – p. 244 – fetishization of his body – how bodies are being represented November 19th/12 – how he is representing his brownness – somethin
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