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Lecture 1

PSY240H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Casp, Canadian Psychological Association, Suicidal Ideation

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Norman Farb

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Suicide, causes, prevention and treatment :
Suicidal ideation is considered to be a set of thoughts about ending one’s life.
A suicidal gesture is the acting of what appears to be a suicide attempt.
Parasuicide is an unsuccessful attempt with definite potential for death.
Suicide completers are those individuals that actually end their own life.
Women outnumber men in suicide attempts (3 to 1), but men tend to complete
suicide more frequently.
Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in Canada and the United States,
with dramatic increase since the 1950s.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens.
Suicide is currently ranked among the 10 leading causes of death in Canada
Epidemiology and Risk Factors of suicide
The strongest risk factor for completed suicide is being male.
Men are three times more likely than women to complete suicide, whereas women
are three times more likely than men to attempt suicide.
Suicide is the leading cause of death for First Nations in males
In Canada, Aboriginal communities have higher rates of suicide.
Suicide has also been related to school failure, family violence, poverty, and
substance abuse.
Suicide: Rates and statistics
More people die from suicide than from homicide.
13th leading cause of death worldwide but the 4th leading cause of death
those 15-44 years of age.
Causal factors of suicide
1. The Role of Mental Disorder. Untreated mental disorder is the number-one cause of
suicide. (15% of depressed people will complete a suicide).70% of those who
complete suicide suffered from major depression.
a. Other disorders related to suicide include alcohol and substance abuse and
2. Social Contextual Factors. Emile Durkheim developed 3 reasons for suicide in
a. Anomic suicide results when a person experience has a sudden change in
their relation to society.
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