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Lecture 4

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Kenneth Derry

Lecture 4: what can we learn about ourselves through anthropology? What can you do with anthropology? 1) how and why might the following professions or businesses be interested in hiring someone with some training in anthropology -Microsoft -Canadian International Development Agency -AIDS Committee of Toronto -Druide Organic Cosmetics (examples of applied anthropology: anthropology in use) -How can anthropology be applied to these 4 categories? -Microsoft: -They employ people from all over the world: anthropologists might help facilitate communication between different backgrounds -Different ways in which technology change-how do people use their products (remember products go around the world) -What is the culture of Microsoft? -Canadian International Development Agency (branch of the Canadian government) -Involved in developmental projets -Anthropologists want to understand the different culture they are going to start projects in. -They cannot assume anything about the country- they have to make sure the project does not conflict with their culture -What is the impact of the new project on the country? Will they be helpful? -AIDS committee of Toronto -how different cultures have different beliefs of AIDS -Druide Organic Cosmetics (my thoughts) -Political anthropologist: they might ask them to see the effect the cosemeitcs have on the environment. Are they benefiting the environment? -Medical Anthropologist: Can the cosmetics affect the person in any kind of way? Are there side effects? Do they increase health? (class thoughts) -anthropologists could be focusing on ingredients: who will the company target by certain ingredients : example if there are ingredients coming from animals then vegetarians will not want to buy -Who uses them, what are their beliefs? Why is important to purchase them 2)4 branches of socio-cultural anthropology 1) medical anthropology 2) law and society 3) political ecology 4) applied anthropology -Medical anthropology: focusing on health and factors, which influence health and well being. - How society organizes ideas around health and staying fit -Law and Society: looking at legal system and the ways law is organized in society -They look at how morality affects law -How norms are formed, how decisions are made -Political Ecology: how environmental issues affect society -Relationship between culture and environment -Current debate on keystone pipeline: who are the people living around the pipeline-what will the pipeline do for them? Will it affect job opportunities? Will it affect the environment? -Applied Anthropology: using anthropological knowledge outside of academia 3)Rylko-Bauer, Singer and van Willigen, “Reclaiming Applied Anthropology” (article) -Applied anthropology is ‘anthropology in use’ how did applied anthropologists in the mid-20 century begin to rethink their relationships with local communities? What changed? -What are some of the critiques of applied anthropology discusses in the article? What are the authors’ responses to these critiques? Critiques -One critique they note is that its not theoretical -They jus
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