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Lecture 11

SOC221H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: The Hospital For Sick Children, Research, Medical Error

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Shyon Baumann

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Canada: we have funding agency that are controlled by the gov’t develop policies for ethics for
- Separate for natural science + social science + health research (Tri-council)
- Produce policies + revise depend on changing opinion /technologies/focus
Regulation research ethics
- Researchers are constrained to behave ethically
- Research cost a lot of money want to do research has to do funding
- Funding agency primary resources = money come with agreement: not violate codes of
- Each Uni have research ethics boards
o Uoft: researcher has to submit research ethics report (40-50pg)
o The more vulnerable the group is the more scrutiny against
o The more risk/sensitive there is in the research - the more scrutiny the
application gets
o Delegated in case the research is being done on less vulnerable ppl + less risk
o High vulnerability groups WITH
o Less vulnerable groups (eg. Lawyers) with sexual assault experience
Sample of less vulnerable but still high risk
Uneven enforcement of ethical guidelines
- Not all research happens in educational institutions
- Sometimes research is done by profit organizations
o Eg) Pharmaceutical
o Not constrained by the ethical guidelines: bc they get their money from the
corporations themselves who are investing in research in order to turn a profit
- What stops them to do unethical things
o Law
o But laws aren’t designed to protect vulnerable ppl very well
o They are not strict as the ones governed by the uni
o Eg) privacy + consent
- Did research online without us knowing
Who is vulnerable?
- Children
o Age: unable to weight pros/cons in participating in a research
o Not trusted in decisions in their best of interest
o Difficult to get ethical approval to study bc their vulnerability
- Can depend on context as well
o Research focus
o Brings out vulnerability due to context
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