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WGS205H5 Lecture Notes - Bimbo

Women and Gender Studies
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Pouneh Saeedi

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Outraged Moms, Trashy Daughters - Article from last class
Generation gap: parents are more old school, now its more socially acceptable
Domesticating Barbie - article
Domesticity/domestichome..latin word for home: domes
And barbie: housework
Women who are home all day and don't have a life outside the home
The problem that has no name - staying at home and being domesticated
Publication of this book lead to the second wave
Change in the 60s: the feminine mystique
Bunny slippers - playboy
Looks like playboy model
Pink - related to pink think
"let's get gorgeous" - all that matters is to look good
Lecture slides- An Archaeology of Barbie
Archaeologythe study of the past of Barbie - pre historic
Want to sell it to parents
Also want it to have that sexual appeal
Tacit exploitation of barbie's sexuality -- Matel is aware of what they are doing, feel bad about it, but
they still want to make money
Encode -- putting your own values and ways into a product and hoping that the consumers/audience will
decode it in the same context
Negotiate: accept part of the product but not all of it
Doesn't have much of choice but be domestic
Agency power to act
Barbie shows how we have been struggling with the issue of woman and domesticity
Ken gets more physically buff
No life outside of that
Not able to challenge themselves
The feminine mystique
Negative educational role on children
Role play causes trouble if you want to carry that over into your own life
Recently added dr. barbie
Sometimes shes more domesticated
Sometimes shes career oriented
No monolithic trend reflected in Barbie
Simpson's episode
Doll spoke a number of phrases that were demeaning to women
Things she says are sexist
Wanted to create a doll that had a positive influence on young girls
Lisa: they cannot keep making dolls like this, something needs to be done
"thinking too much gives you wrinkles"
Stacy doll - look pretty, bimbo, blonde, ditzy, "let's make cookies for the boys", "don't ask me, I'm just a
girl", "let's buy makeup so the boys will like us"
Lecture 3
July 12, 2011
3:08 PM
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