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Lecture 10

WGS250H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Trans Man, Coparenting, Queer Theory

Women and Gender Studies
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Karen Kus

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Lecture 10: Queer Families
IB 245 for the exam jam
Last week’s review: adoption
oInfertility and gender identity
oBaby delay and childlessness
oPublic, private and international adoption
oParental consent and access to adoption records
oDubinskey’s critique of save the other, problematizes privilege and adoption
oTransnational adoption and controversies of racial hierarchies
oReasons for orphan vulnerability
oAdoption scandal cases
oBaby drop box
oPast few weeks: social and political contexts of “making family
oSlide from the beginning of same sex families
oSocially constructed, romantic ideology, naturalized by marriage and state law
oLooked at the notes on Romantic heteronormativity: valentine’s day, prom etc
oLGBTQQIP2SAA is the full acronym
oLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered or/and transsexual, queer, questionable, intersex,
pansexual, 2 spirited, asexual, allies
Queer theory
oPoststructuralist – emerged in the early 1990s
oBuilds upon queer and feminist theory, critically challenging embedded structures and
beliefs of ‘natural’ and unnatural gender roles
oChallenged constructed limited to sexual identity, and focusing on narratives of
normalized and deviant binary categories
oLess than 1% of all couple sin Canada are same sex partnerships (married and common
o1.1% Canadians reported as homosexual (gay or lesbian)
o0.9% Canadians reported as bisexual
the stats aren’t necessarily representative bc people have not come out legally
Same sex marriage
o45 300 same sex couples in 2006
7500 are married
37 900 common law
o53% male same sex married spouses
o46.3% female same sex married spouses
Making a family
o‘Non-reproductive’ assumptions are shifting
oSince 2006 Census LGBTQ families in Canada has grown by 42% to 64 575 couples in
oSame-sex couples having children rose from 9.0% in 2006 to 9.4% in 2011
Includes both married and common law
oShe mentioned Coontz “is the ideal family changing?”
oIn BC adoption rates are at their highest point for same sex marriages
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oChildren in the sane sex household
o80.3% female same sex couples with children
o19.7% male same sex couples with children
o2011 Census, Households of Canada
oDo same sex families challenge nuclear and heteronormative models of families/
They do challenge it in the sense you no longer have the gender norms in place
No specific male and female roles
So they aren’t heteronormative, they challenge it bc they are functional
The nuclear family doesn’t hold up bc the nuclear family does require a man and
a women, requires the heteronormative relationship
There is this expectation even of Gay couples that “who’s the mom”, which is
based on gender differences and the heteronormative relationship
Same sex relationships break that down bc they have to discuss and
equally distribute their roles
Conceiving under AHRA
oDonor insemination
Ricky Martin had his kids through a surrogate
Rosy O’Donald adopted
Sperm Donation
oCanada’s food and drug act – semen regulations illegal for gay men to be sperm donors
oMen who have had sex with another man since 1977 is prohibited to donate semen
oAssumed to be infected with HIV/AIDS (1985, gay plague myth)
oFor the ban to be lifted, donors must apply for a special application and be tested for HIV
and hepatitis, and then quarantined for 6 months and retested
So there is a huge process for gay men to donate their sperm
It’s extremely discriminatory towards gay men and not straight men
Pregnant man
oTransgendered pregnancy
oThomas Beatie
First pregnant transman, 2008
Post transition of transgender identity, he decided to use his reproductive organs
to conceive
He conceived through a sperm donation
“Wanting to have a biological child is neither a male or female desire, but a
human desire” (Beatie)
Vital Statistics act
oPrior to 2007, only one parent of the same sex couple was recognized as the legal parent
of a child’s birth certificate
oTo obtain parental status of the child, the other parent was required o adopt
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find more resources at
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