CHLS 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Sweatshop

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CHLS101 TTH 930-1045
February 3, 2015
Office Hours T (1045-1145 am) FO3 Rm 310
Only read McWilliams and Acuna articles for Thursday
Carey McWilliams
Thee fist’ Chicano Studies Scholar (white)
Wrote North of Mexico
Epeiee of the Coueed geeatio
Myth and Ideolog: Reee the Alao Natioal ladaks i “a Atoio, Teas to
remember the Alamo)
Class Notes
How we define ourselves as people?
Economic System:
The way we transfer wealth.
Not a social construct.
Example: Bank accounts, wages you earn.
People working for worst wages and conditions.
Why certain groups of people have wealth and some have
Form a system of beliefs.
Ideology (on top)
A share system of beliefs and meanings. Social construct.
U.S. Bootstrap Myth:
(Is the myth that you can do it all yourself without outside help. But your business is not a boot.
Nearly everyone who is truly successful has had help, and plenty of it.)
American dream when people arrived to the U.S. and had nothing but managed to excel and
succeeded. Successful people came from poverty.
For a lot of folks, this will never occur.
Will be stuck disrespected by work.
Do’t oe up.
Play role at the bottom of the economic system.
I a lae ou fo ot doig anything even though I lae ou fo eig at the otto.
Immigrant Workers/Labor:
Use to do the worst jobs in the U.S.
Asians, Blacks, Latinos, etc.
Develop beliefs why is it okay for them to work in this _____?
Better here in the U.S. than in their home country.
We ignore economic system that pulled them out of their country to U.S.
Economic System
Social Construct
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