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Lecture 4

AAS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Institute For Operations Research And The Management Sciences

Asian American Studies
Course Code
AAS 201
Kelly Fong

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The West and The Rest
- Stuart Hall
o Discourse
as of talkig, thikig, or represetig a partiular sujet or topi 5.
Produe eaigful koledge aout a sujet.
Knowledge influences social practices -> real life consequences/effects.
Always operates in relation to power.
When it is effective in organizing and regulating power relations, it is called a
regie of truth.
Disourse is the produtio of koledge through laguage .
Language to talk about something, produces particular kinds of
Way to construct a topic a certain way, also limits the way construction
o Discourse and Ideology
Ideology a set of stateets or eliefs hih produe koledge that seres
the interests of a particular group or class.
Foucault links ideology with ideas or falsehoods believed to be true
o Disourse laguage doest are aout truth/falsehood, but considers the role of
power in making certain discourse reality.
o Discourse produces knowledge that informs practice.
A way to talk about things.
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