SPC 4445 Lecture 6: SPC 6

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Published on 4 Sep 2019
Speech Communication
SPC 4445
Communication for Effective Leadership
Chapter SIX Notes
1.Socially Perceptive: Understanding the unique needs, goals, and demands of different
Having insight into and awareness of:
what is important to others
how they are motivated
the problems they face
how they react to change
2.Emotional Intelligence: A person's ability to understand his or her own and others' emotions
and apply this to life's tasks.
The ability to:
perceive and express emotions
use emotions to facilitate thinking
understand and reason with emotions
manage emotions effectively
3.Conflict: The struggle between two or more individuals over perceived differences regarding
substantive issues or relational issues.
4.Problem Solving: A leader's cognitive ability to take corrective action in a problem situation
to meet desired objectives.
Skills include the following:
Identifying the problem
Generating alternative solutions
Selecting the best solution from among the alternatives
Implementing that solution
5.Strategic Planning: Developing careful plans of action based on available resources and
personnel to achieve a goal.
Ability to learn, capacity to adapt, managerial wisdom
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