ANT-2100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Patrilocal Residence, Ascribed Status, Shell Gorget

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9 Dec 2016
Final Review
-Dr McFadden is interest about what info about the Northern gulf coast of florida
climate trends
-florida statute makes it a 3rd degree felony to knowingly disturb unmarked graves
-Dr O’Donoughue research focuses on what type of natural resource area
freshwater springs
-example of a high status artifact from the late prehistoric SE U.S
shell gorget
-Monica Vidal research deals with traditional languages. loss of this language has lead to a
loss in traditional practices
Oloulou Hawaiian
-federal transportation sponsored highway projects fall under which federal law/regulation
NHPA section 106
-michael jackson is an example of
achieved status
-if you know someone has dug an unmarked grave and do not report it, you can be charged
with a misdemeanor under this FL statue
872.05 (chapter 872, chapter 5)
-when people travel to locations to experience authentic sites, foods, events, and traditions
heritage tourism
-a group’s understanding of how the universe was created and how it is maintained and
humans role within it is called
-artifacts and spaces associated with motherhood are part of this concept
gender roles
-this type of society allows for equal access to life giving resources to all its members
-these groups share a common mythical ancestor
-mesa verde falls under which federal law/regulation
antiquities act (first national monument created for archaeological significance)
-this is based on cultural ideas of behavior, dress, language, manners, etc
-Windover burials fall under which federal law/regulation
-historically marginalized and disenfranchised groups are the study of this type of archaeology
historical archaeology (processual, broad themes, archival records, etc)
-information about sea-level rise at this sit his important for dr. McFadden’s research
horseshoe beach
-national register of historic places created by which federal law/regulation
-to understand social status in the past, we look to this type of evidence
mortuary objects
-houses smaller than 60 square meters are representative of what type of society
-the research conducted a this site brought together historical archaeology and forensic
find more resources at
find more resources at
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