HIST 1400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Fulgencio Batista, Cuban Revolution, Dependency Theory

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Published on 14 Jun 2017
Fordham University
HIST 1400
Global Context of the Cuban Revolution
Cuba: only social revolution in LA that lasts
Marxist Revolution in China (PRC 1949)
Anticolonial uprisings in Africa & Asia
Failure of Guatemalan & Bolivian Revolutions
Emerging critique of Soviet-backed communist parties as too
3rd World Left disillusionment with “Bourgeois democracy”
3 Main Themes of the Cuban Revolution
CR as the radicalizing catalyst in both Cuba & Latin America
-Guatemala —> Cuba
-Break with old Left
-Modernization —> Dependency Theory
Shift in Cold War Politics
-Cuba forces USSR to live up to its rhetoric, especially in Africa
CR as model of inspiration in LA
-Symbolic: beacon of hope
-Actual aid, resources
Cuba on the Eve of the Revolution
Havana = playground for American mafia
1940 Constitution
Fulgencio Batista, 1952-58
-Pro-US Dictator
Highest standard of living in LA after Argentina & Uruguay
Uneven income distribution esp. between urban & rural areas
January 1959: Revolution triumphs; Batista falls
-US recognize new government January 7
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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Document Summary

3 main themes of the cuban revolution: cr as the radicalizing catalyst in both cuba & latin america. Modernization > dependency theory: shift in cold war politics. Cuba forces ussr to live up to its rhetoric, especially in africa: cr as model of inspiration in la. Cuba on the eve of the revolution: havana = playground for american ma a, 1940 constitution, fulgencio batista, 1952-58. Pro-us dictator: highest standard of living in la after argentina & uruguay, uneven income distribution esp. between urban & rural areas, january 1959: revolution triumphs; batista falls. Why cuba, and why socialism: socialism v. capitalism: apparent rewards for us not evident in la. Liberty comes with capitalism idea did not necessarily hold true in. So why not socialism: cuba"s unique historical experience: Strong, recent revolutionary tradition: war of independence. Cuba & the ussr: 1962: cuban missile crisis.

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