HUM 2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Iron Jawed Angels, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony

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Published on 15 Jun 2020
Hum 1
Introduction to Humanities
Frances Harper
Born Frances Watkins i Baltimore (free)
Orphaned at 3, aunt and uncle raised her
Attended her uncle’s school, Watkins Academy, until age 14
Married to Fenton Harper until his death (4 years later), 1 child and 3 step
Teacher, writer, poet to support her family
William Lloyd Garrison and William Still published her work
Harper in turn donated to them to support the Underground Railroad
Legacy as a black feminist and prolific author
Racial justice
Civil rights for all people
William Still
African American conductor in Philadelphia
Based on stories recounted by fugitive slaves as recorded in Still’s notes
The Underground Railroad (1872)
Women’s Suffrage - First Wave FEminism
Intertwined with abolition - equal rights for all human beings
Angelina and Sarah Grimke among the first to write and speak about equal rights
Seneca Falls Convention, 1848
Womens Rights Convention
Lucretia Mott
Susan B Anthony
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
National Federation of Women’s Clubs
May Wright Sewall
Propelium - Indianapolis
Neither Dead nor Sleeping
Iron Jawed Angels
Arguments against suffrage:
The male mind is not as inferior as the female mind
Arguments for suffrage:
“Susan B Anthony would say that 1912 is the future”
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