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Lecture 7

BIOL 1201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Mesosome, Cell Adhesion, Lectin

Biological Sciences
Course Code
BIOL 1201
E William Wischusen

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I. Cell Walls
a. Composed of carbohydrates
b. Separate from the cell
c. Plants
a.i. Made up of cellulose
b. Fungi
a.i. Made up of cellulose or chitin (amino sugars)
b. Bacteria
a.i. Made up of peptidoglycans (amino sugars and acids)
II. Cell adhesion
a. Plants
a.i. Pectin (ripe fruit)
a.ii. Lectin
b. Animals
a.i. Collagen
b. Junctions
a.i. Join cells together
a.ii. Plants
a.i.1. Plasmodesmata
a.ii. Animals
a.i.1. Categories
a.i.1.a. Tight junctions
a.i.1.a.i. Intermediary junction
a.i.1.a.ii. Desmosomes
a.i.1.b. Gap junctions
a.i.1.a.i. Similar to Plasmodesmata
Cytoplasmic connections
II. Cell Structures
Cell types
a.i. Prokaryotic
a.i.1. Types
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